Thursday, May 24, 2012

Festivals for the Rest of Us

Another year has gone by, and once again, Brewgrass tickets have sold out quicker than Keanu Reeves driving a city bus.  Yet during Asheville Beer Week, there are two beer festivals occurring, and tickets are still available to both.
First, coming up this Saturday is the Just Brew It Homebrew Festival being held at the Wedge Brewery as part of Asheville Beer Week.  I went to this festival last year, and it was the best bang for the buck fest I have ever been too.  Sixteen dollars gets you three hours of drinking many different varieties of beer. And this isn’t just any beer that you can pick up at the store or your local brewery.  These beers have all been handcrafted by local homebrewers, so you are likely to see a variety of original, and often whimsical styles that you would not see a bigger brewer take a chance on.  Tickets are on sale through Friday.
And the big event on the last weekend of Asheville Beer Week is the Beer City Festival.  I recall many people last year, and some this year as well complaining about not getting Brewgrass tickets, but we have this great festival celebrating local and regional craft brewing and somehow there are still tickets left.  I would argue that Beer City Fest is in a better location in the heart of downtown, and has a greater variety of music (come on people, Yo Mamma’s Big Fat Booty Band is playing).  Tickets are available at Barley's, Bruisin' Ales, and some local breweries through the end of the day Thursday, and there may be some tickets at the fest on June 2nd.
Wondering how to get to these festivals?  Asheville has revamped their bus system, with an increased frequency in heavily used corridors, night service in more areas, and the buses are free until June 8th.  I plan on taking advantage of this myself, and I hope many of you will do the same.

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