Thursday, June 26, 2008

Answering the Challenge

It has been nearly a year since I posted my challenge to Asheville beer bars, where I asked to see more Belgians available on tap, as well as more special beer related events like cask ales and pint nights where you could try a specific brewery and take home a glass. Well, the Thirsty Monk has answered the call.

As I stated a couple of weeks ago, the Thirsty Monk is expanding into an upstairs location, the Pinthouse, where they will feature American craft beers. The plans are to have 16 rotating taps, and they hope to never tap the same keg twice in a row, which should definitely increase the variety of beer. I am really excited about this, and I'm sure there will be some taps that we have never seen in Asheville before. In addition to all the great beers, they will also be having pint nights where you can try a featured beer and take home a glass (these will happen both downstairs and up). And the best news of all is they are aiming to be open by July 4th.

But wait, there's more. On Thursday evening, July 10th, Alain De Laut, owner of Brouwerij Huyghe will be on hand for a tasting of their fine beers, Delirium Tremens and Delirium Nocturnum. You will also be able to take home a Delirium glass signed by the owner himself. A day later on Friday the 11th, the Pinthouse upstairs will be having a firkin of Clipper City Loose Cannon, along with a representative from the brewery. I hope this will be the first of many cask nights, a tradition that Asheville beer bars sorely need (the only fix that I know of is the cask at Dirty Jacks). I hope y'all can make it out to one of these events.

And in other news, Asheville is getting another brewery. As reported by several blogs, Craggie Brewing is looking to open its doors sometime in the late fall, and will be located on Hilliard Avenue near the backside of Asheville Brewing Company. This only adds the already well known reputation that Asheville is the capital of craft beer in the south. If I had any connections with the Chamber of Commerce I would be pushing this town as a beer destination.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. My husband and I really like a good beer
    and in particular we love to try new and different beers . We will definately try and get to Asheville to taste whats on offer.

  2. Anonymous12:40 PM

    This bar needs to learn how to treat customers. I found them to be rude, arrogant and did not have the beer knowledge they claimed to have. Rather than recommend beer styles that were requested by people in my party they chose to suggest the most expensive beers they carried. They were also out of half the tap beers they advertised (all the ones I wanted) Not to mention the food items were overpriced and not living up to their potential.

  3. Anonymous:

    I'm sorry you didn't like the Thirsty Monk. I have had nothing but great service there, and I know that the ownership and management care about both beer and their customers. I hope you decide to give them another chance, as there are no other places like it in the area.