Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pisgah Celebrates Three Years

It seems like it has been longer, but Pisgah Brewing Company has only been around for three years (April 15th is their official anniversary). Jason Caughman and Dave Quinn moved here from South Carolina with a shared love of beer and a plan to open a small brewery, and three years later they are brewing perhaps the area's most loved beers. The first beer they rolled out was the Pisgah Pale, a fine beer in its own right, but it only hinted at what was to come. When the pop was capped on alcohol limits in North Carolina, it also seemed to pop the cap of creativity, as Pisgah has since brewed a variety of beers of different styles and strengths that have captivated the beer drinkers of Buncombe County and beyond. They are highly rated on both RateBeer and BeerAdvocate, and they were named one of America's top 50 breweries by BeerAdvocate back in June of last year. More recently, Pisgah was even featured in an article in USA Today about the economy.

In order to celebrate their anniversary, the folks at Pisgah held a customer appreciation day this past Sunday, inviting over 300 of their friends and customers for the affair. While the weather was a bit on the wet side, it didn't seem to dampen the spirits of those in attendance, who were enjoying the great food, great music, and great Pisgah beer. To get out of the rain, many people were hanging out in Pisgah's brand new tasting room, which can deliver up to ten taps of Pisgah goodness. One of the special beers they had was the Pisgah Pale run through a Randall, which you should recognize if you are a long time reader of this blog. For those not in the know, a Randall is basically a canister full of hops, and the beer is routed through the fresh hops right before it enters your glass. Needless to say, this was excellent, and the fresh hop taste made the Pisgah Pale soar. Another special beer on tap was the James Brown Ale, an easy drinking brown ale with just the right amount of roasted malts giving it excellent character without being either too sweet or too hoppy. Look out for the James Brown Ale around town at a special price as a gift to Asheville beer drinkers (Barleys should definitely get it).

Pisgah didn't have to throw this party, but it really shows just how much they appreciate their customers. Return the favor by visiting them at their new tasting room on Thursdays from 4-8, or by seeking out a pint, growler, or bottle at your favorite bar or beer store.

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  1. Wha-hoo nice givin' the BIG UPS to Pisgah! Certainly our fav Asheville area brewery! Congrats to Dave and Jason...to many more years of fine beers!

    Wish we could have made it down but...C was enjoying her trip out to Dark Lord day and points in between. I was at a good friends wedding Saturday...and Belgian beer fest later and then working..:-(

    Not sure of our intentions for BrewGrass...thinking about it. Got a nice invite from UncleJedi to join his crew..they might be renting a cabin!

    How about you? Any plans for a trip north if the Mason-Dixon line?