Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Beer, I mean Year!!

Yes, we are already eight days into the new year, so I am a little late. I also have been very busy during the holiday season, including a long trek to Florida for Christmas. There is nothing like being able to wear shorts on Christmas Day. Of course upon my return to the mountains, I was greeted with snow and temperatures in the teens. I guess it all balances out. While in Florida I sought out the beers from a new brewery in Tarpon Springs called Saint Somewhere. They are currently brewing just two beers, both belgian styles which is indeed a rarity in the land of light lagers. If you ever head down that way, check them out, particularly the Saison.

During my month long hiatus, there have been several beer happenings of note, and my friends at Bruisin' Ales had an excellent round up of everything. First and foremost, the new Green Man Imperial Stout is a hit, and tastes really good on a cold winters evening (if it does indeed get cold again). And of course you can have your choice of local beers at Asheville's Winter Warmer Beer Fest on the 19th. I hope this becomes an annual tradition, and it truly is a local showcase of good beer, good music, and good barbecue.

It seems Asheville is adding new places to drink left and right lately. The latest place is something I never expected to see in Asheville, an honest to goodness Tiki bar. While the emphasis is on mixed drinks, the Yacht Club has about 8 or so taps of local and national craft beer for those who prefer not to have an umbrella in their drink (I went for the Celebration Ale before giving their Mai Tai a whirl). This is an interesting place that promises to be one of the most original bars in all of Asheville, and they also plan on providing food that is a step above your average pub fare. This is a trend I wholeheartedly endorse, and it is good to see the Yacht Club and the Admiral both looking beyond your typical battered and fried plates.

I'll try to be better about posting now that I have settled back down into my normal routine.

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