Monday, January 28, 2008

Beer of the Moment - Bell's Hopslam

While I have been professing my love for all things Belgian recently, I still consider myself a hophead, and I love a good double IPA. Thankfully, Bells has recently released this year's version of their Hopslam, a delectable double IPA that more than satiates my love for hops. Bells has been in the North Carolina market for a little over a year now, and they have proven to be quite a popular brewery, making some excellent stouts and also their Two Hearted Ale, a great hop showcase itself. But that beer only hints at the hop bomb that the Hopslam is.

The Hopslam pours a light orangish hue, and the smell only hints at the intense hop taste that explodes in your mouth upon the first sip. The hops are citrusy with tons of fresh hop flavor, but it is not as bitter as some and there is just enough malty sweetness to create some balance with the hops. This is truly one of the best Double IPA's in the country, rivaling some of the more well known West Coast versions of the beer. The beer is a whopping 10 percent alcohol, but it lacks any alcohol burn, making it surprisingly easy to drink for such a big beer.

This beer is a limited release and will likely only be available for a couple of weeks. If you love hops, I would definitely suggest picking up a six pack of this great tasting beer.

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