Friday, August 24, 2007

Coming Attractions

First of all, I had a great time last night meeting the folks from Foothills Brewery and drinking their Oktoberfest. It was a great beer, and it was interesting to compare the cask and the draft versions. The draft version is on tap downstairs at Barley if you want to try some yourself.

Forgive me for mentioning this again, but I just want to stress how great this Saturday's event at Bruisin' Ales is going to be. For ten dollars advanced (15 at the door) you get to sample a wonderful variety of beers from both coasts. Lee Chase is bringing along a couple of extra beers from the West Coast that were recently added to the beer list. I am particularly looking forward to trying Port Brewing Hop 15 Double IPA. What does the 15 mean? Thats the amount of different kinds of hops that were used to make the beer. The Green Flash West Coast IPA and the Ballast Point DIPA were also recently added to the beer list, both of which are only available out west. One last reason to go on Saturday: Its a fundraiser that benefits the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway. So you get to drink good beer and feel good doing it. Not that you wouldn't feel good anyway.

If that isn't enough beer for you, Bruisin' Ales is also hosting a beer dinner on Monday night. Dogfish Days of Summer celebrates one of the best craft brewers in the country. The menu showcases their versatile lineup, beginning with the Festina Peche, a slightly tart peach ale that is quite refreshing and finishing with a 'mystery beer'. It is a very intriguing menu, and Bruisin' Ales has been doing an excellent job in helping to open peoples eyes about beer and food pairings (pairings aren't just for wine drinkers anymore).

Hopefully we will see you out at the event tomorrow. Happy drinking.


  1. Beer Sage11:17 AM

    That Hop 15 isn't just 15 different hops, it's 15 different hops added at 15 minute increments throughout the boil. (It's also dry-hopped with Semcoe & Centenntial -- so technically it's 17... but who's counting?) The result is not a double, but an "imperial" IPA that's north of 11% ABV. And the taste is awesome. I love the Green Flash stuff too. (Lucky me living right down the street from both breweries.) Hope you enjoy them!

  2. I definitely enjoyed them both. The Hop 15 was immense, and I wish I had more than the 4 ounces or so to truely savor it. The Green Flash was really great as well, probably my favorite at the tasting. You certainly are lucky to be so close.

  3. KT,

    You want more Hop 15?? Well, your wish is my command my good man. I have a bottle (or maybe 2 not really sure) but I can get another bottle (or 2 not really sure!) for you as I will be hitting the bottle shop that supplies it later today! I get you one cause I think they run like $10 per.

    Harrisburg, PA