Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Saturday Belgian tasting at Asheville Wine Market

I chanced to meet Mark Yonce of Duvel Moortgat at Jack of the Wood a few weeks ago. He'll be pouring samples of some fine beers at the Asheville Wine Market this Saturday.

From the AWM e-newsletter:

Saturday May 5th., 2007

Free Tasting; 1 to 4pm. Belgian Beers-the Champagnes of the Beer World! Join Mark Yonce of Duvel Moorgat, USA at the AWM Tasting Bar.

Belgian beer varies from the popular pale lager to the esoteric appeal of lambic beer, Monastic ales, brown ales, doubles and on to triples. Belgian beer-brewing's origins go back to the Middle-Ages, when monasteries began producing beers. Belgian beer production was assisted by the 1919 Belgian "Vandervelde Act", that prohibited the sale of spirits in pubs, inducing the market to produce beers with a higher level of alcohol. The Vandervelde Act was lifted in 1983. Although beer production in Belgium is now dominated by Inbev and Alken Maes, there are approx 125 craft breweries in the country, producing about 500 standard beers for the world's enjoyment. Join us on Saturday as we showcase the following beers:

Ommegang Hennepin A rare Farmhouse Saison Ale- pale, hoppy, crisp, and rustic. It's named after Father Louis hennepin, A Belgian missionary who was the first European to visit and describe Niagra Falls.$5.99/750ml

Duvel Belgian Golden Ale Refreshing and golden like a Pilsner but with the flavor, depth and complexity of an ale. Mellow, balanced and beguiling flavor as well as Duvel's intensity and oomph. A world classic$9.49/750ml or $13.49/4pack 11.20oz.

Maredsous 10 Tripel Abbey Ale brewed according to traditional methods of the Benedictine Monks of Maredsous. Light golden in color, refreshing and sneaky with its power. Cellar matured!$7.49/750ml

Maredsous 8 Dark Brune Abbey Ale brewed according to traditional methods of the Benedictine Monks of Maredsous. Dark brown color, nice malty nose, spices and even a hint of smoke in this intriguing brew.$6.99/750ml

Rodenbach Grand Cru Flemish Sour Ale aged in oak casks for 18 months. The unique and refreshing sourness is balanced beautifully by the hint of oaky sweetness. $8.99/750ml

Rodenbach Redbach Soothingly sweet, wickedly sour, Redbach is a tantalizing blend of Rodenbach Flemish Sour Ale and 100% natural cherry juice.$8.99/4 pack 11.2 oz.

Special tasting prices: 10% off the bottle and 15% off by the case, mix or match, unless already discounted via sale or promotion!

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