Sunday, March 11, 2007

Troeg's Nugget Nectar Ale

I got this one courtesy of Deuane and Caroline of Pubcrawlin' when they visited a couple of weeks back. Troeg's Brewery is in Harrisburg, PA, and their beers aren't available in western NC. Having enjoyed some of these brews while passing through Pennsylvania, I was eager to try this one.

The beer poured nicely into an imperial pint glass and had a moderate head. The color was an attractive amber and the beer had good carbonation. The nose was pure hops, grapefruit-like and flowery. I set the glass on my couch-side table and continued to get whiffs of hops with the glass two feet away. The initial sip was smooth-bodied, mildly malty, and with a moderately-high hop finish that lingered on the tongue. I let the beer warm up awhile and it was even better at about 60 degrees.

According to the brewer's web site, the beer is made with Nugget, Warrior and Tomahawk hops and is brewed to maximize the malt and hop character of the finished product. The beer is well-balanced and is a classic example of an American IPA. If this beer was available in Asheville I'd buy it often.


  1. Mark,

    Glad you enjoyed the Nugget truly is a wonderful brew. I have been sukcing down quite a bit by the pint at our local watering hole and I have had the pleasure of having on cask...TWICE! You want to talk about good! It wont be around much longer.... :-(

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts when you have the Mad Elf. It is always a highly anticipated event when the Elf is released each holiday season.

    Wish we could make it for the WBC event but we will be off to Three Floyd's in IN for the Dark Lord Imperial Stout release party on 4/29! I promise to bring a bottle (or two) of this rare nectar when we come down for BrewGrass....I know Jason, Julie and Tony will scramble to get a sniff it too!

    Happy Imbibing,

  2. Hi Deuane,

    I'll check out the Mad Elf this weekend. It's supposed to reach only the upper 30's here tomorrow with a chance of snow. Hard to believe we hit the mid-seventies a few days ago.

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