Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cropton Rudolph's Revenge

As I continue working through the last of my Christmas beers I find myself paying unusually close attention to the labels. They often contain a few gems buried in fine print among the usual alcohol warnings and returnable deposit info. This one has a humorous story about how Rudolph got drunk while taking a break in Cropton, England following his long journey, which caused Santa much annoyance when the presents were delivered to the wrong addresses or not delivered at all.

The beer is a medium-dark amber color and poured with a nice head. It's a bottle-conditioned beer so I was careful not to disturb the sediment or pour it into the glass. The beer is moderately carbonated. It's described as a "dark bitter, using finest Cascade and Styrian Goldings hops and English malt providing a unique hoppy beer with a fruity aftertaste." The malt was readily apparent but the hop character was lacking though it was true to the bitter style. With two excellent hops included I just expected more hop taste to show through. The finish was subtle blackcurrant and cherry with a hint of apple and perhaps citrus in the background. The head was still present by the bottom of the glass and formed a nice Scottish lace in my Barley's imperial pint glass. Recommended.

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