Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bell's Winter White Ale

Beers from Bell''s of Comstock, Michigan have recently become available in Asheville and I was eager to try some offerings from this brewery. I visited Bruisin' Ales this morning and while looking over the winter beer selections the Winter White caught my eye so I bought a sixer.

The beer poured nicely into one of my wheat beer glasses. It's a cloudy, blond-colored beer with a creamy head and medium carbonation. The nose immediately called to mind various German wheats and hefes but the name spoke Belgian. According the the brewer's web site it is brewed with a combination of hefe and Belgian yeasts so there you go. Bananas and bread yeast are first noticeable on the palate and they linger along with cloves and spices at the finish. The mouthfeel is medium-bodied.

Overall this is a decent beer that combines two well-known styles. I wouldn't rank it as a usual winter beer since it would make a better choice after gardening or mowing the lawn than for relaxing by a fire. But it works well today as the weather is unseasonably warm and we have the doors and windows wide open. I look forward to trying other beers from this brewery.

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