Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beer shopping Sunday

I made the rounds of the Asheville beer stores this afternon, stopping at Greenlife, Fresh Market and the North Asheville Ingles. The haul included Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale, Terrapin Rye Squared, Samuel Smiths IPA, Mendocino Talon Barleywine, and Framboise Boon. The orange cans contain a soft drink called Moxie. If you aren't from New England you've probably never heard of it. It contains gentian root as a flavoring ingredient which makes it very bitter. I grew up drinking the stuff and it's undoubtedly responsible for my acquiring a taste for beer at a young age. I didn't buy the Moxie in Asheville, unfortunately.


  1. You have a designated beer fridge?

    I'm in love!

  2. Doesn't everybody have one?

    Wait until I get my homebrew kegging system set up. I'll have room in this baby for two Cornelius kegs and still have the the top shelf for bottles.