Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Asheville beer stores

Living in Asheville offers a number of advantages not available to many other similarly-sized communities around the US. Not the least among these, in my view, is the sheer number of stores offering great beers. Just a partial list would include:

Greenlife Grocery
Asheville Wine Market
Six Pack Smoke Stack
Fresh Market

Even my local Ingles on Leicester Highway has a good section of imports and craft beers. Contrast this situation with many communities around the country where good beers simply cannot be easily obtained. On my recent trip to Florida even the otherwise-outstanding Publix supermarkets in Orlando had only Sierra Nevada and a few other common beers alongside the ubiquitous BMC.

Congratulations to all the Asheville store owners and managers who make these beers available to us, and thanks especially to the Ashevilleians who buy them, enjoy them, and keep the demand strong.

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  1. One addition I'd like to post is that The Merry Winemarket, on Main Street in Black Mountain, is available for those folks who are on the east end of the county rather than having to go all the way in to Asheville. Kevin Marino is the Beer Manager there and stocks a number of items that are exclusive to his store and not available anywhere else. He is very knowledgable and loves to talk beer so go by and give them a look if you're in the area!