Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why not local breweries?

As first reported by Tony Kiss in the Citizen-Times on Wednesday, the organizers of the Belle Chere festival do not have any local breweries lined up to sell their fine beers this weekend. Instead, it appears that Aneuser-Busch will have a monopoly on beer sales. I think this sucks. I would encourage all local beer drinkers to write to the festival organizers and complain. Also, if you attend the festival be sure to patronize the local bars when in need of refreshment. They will have their usual fine products available including beers from local breweries.

In past years A-B has been the most visible presence among the beer vendors at Belle Chere, but if you looked around you could find Highlands, usually in a single tent. But not this year. There certainly is the appearance, at least, of a large corporation contributing big bucks in sponsorship in order to stifle local competition. Let's make our voices heard and get this monopoly broken for next years festival.

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