Saturday, July 08, 2006

Westville Pub Gets Prettied Up

Upon entering, one may not immediately notice, but Westville Pub has changed. After reopening from several days of closure, this W. Asheville gathering point is sporting a fresh face, at least on the inside. No longer satisfied with the "where's my linoleum, dude" flooring, Westville Pub now presents customers with a fresh paint job on their concrete floors, and needed touchups on the walls. Even the bathrooms have been refreshed (I can only speak on the men's room here).

But, most importantly, Westville Pub has deep cleaned and polished all their taps and installed spanking new tap lines on all their draught beers. They've kept their variety of pub brews, including (my favorite) Wee Heavy-er, from French Broad Brewing Co., and their classic PBR tap, as well as the local standard Highland Gaelic Ale, plus a slew of selections from breweries local, regional and beyond.

However, brand new on tap is the Sweetwater Hummer. This is a Belgian white (witbier), best enjoyed with a lemon slice and perfect for summer time enjoyment on Westville Pub's outdoor patio. This summer Hummer has a subtle citrus flavor (even without the lemon wedge) with a hint of further spiciness. Very quaffable! Definitely worth checking out if you're into a summer-time brew, and especially so if you are starting your evening early while the sun has yet to set.


Westville Pub
777 Haywood Rd.

Sweetwater Brewing Company
Atlanta, GA

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French Broad Brewing Co.

Highland Brewing Company

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  1. I just got back from a visit to the Westville. The Hummer is indeed a fine beer and the pub is a fine stop for a brew or food. Worth a visit anytime.