Saturday, July 29, 2006

Two to try at Jack of the Wood

While you are spending some time downtown this weekend for Bele Chere, I recommend stopping by Jack of the Wood to investigate two of the new Green Man brews that they have on-tap:

Summer Brunette
Cherry Wheat

Both brews have a similar copper color. While I only had a small sample of the Summer Brunette, I can vouch for the Cherry Wheat.

I am not a fan of fruit flavored beers, but I am a fan of wheat beers (so of course I can get into the lemon flavor when it's appropriate), and I have to say, the Cherry Wheat is not much of a wheat beer, nor is it much of a fruit flavored beer. It is very tasty though, and seems more of a take on the classic Green Man ESB, combined with a very subtle cherry flavor. The cherry is muted, but gives a very nice aftertaste and sweetness.

I wasn't able to get much information about these two new beers, but if you have a chance to stop by, give one or both of them a taste and let us know what you think. I plan on giving them both a try during this festival weekend.

Jack of the Wood
95 Patton Ave.

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