Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Herold Premium Bohemian Lager

I found this beer by chance at Greenlife Grocery on Saturday. I had already picked out a variety from GG's outstanding beer section when I saw six packs of Herold stacked at the end of an aisle and priced at $5.99. I'm partial to IPA's but enjoy pilsners and wheats in hot weather so I decided to take a chance. I grabbed a sixer of the Premium Bohemian Lager and headed for the checkout aisle.

What a great beer! A product of the Czech Republic, this brew is a traditional pilsner from a 500-year-old brewery located on the grounds of an ancient castle. Coming in at 6% alcohol it has a smooth, malty flavor and a mildly hoppy finish that provides excellent balance. It's a bit darker than many lagers and poured into a pint glass has a cloudy appearance similar to a pale ale. It's a good sipping beer for post-lawn mowing relaxation (like now) and it would also be great to share with friends over grilled brats with onions. Give it a try.

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