Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beer Advocate launching new magazine

Beer Advocate is a premier web site (recently named "Best Beer Web Site" in the world by Details magazine) that should be regularly visited by anyone who appreciates good beer. Run by the Alström brothers of Boston the site includes news items covering all aspects of brewing and the beer industry and an online database of beer stores, breweries and brewpubs along with much more.

The Alström's are going to publish a paper Beer Advocate magazine beginning with the premier issue this fall. People who subscribe by August 1 will be guaranteed a lifetime subscription rate of just $19.95 per year (which is ten dollars off the current regular rate,) and get other perks as well. Please click the related link to learn more or to subscribe online.

I have no connection with Beer Advocate or the site owners but I think it's a damn good site. If the magazine is only half as good it will still be a winner.

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